Teen Reader Comments


The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson (WFA, 2010)

"The climax of the book is one that I was not expecting.  It is very emotional....The ending is beautiful....The protagonist, Jenna, was my favorite character because she expresses her opinions and what she sees beautifully."  (Nirelle R., 9th grade)

The Blood Lie by Reva Vernick (WFA, 2012)

"I really enjoyed The Blood Lie by Reva Vernick, because not only did it leave me broken-hearted to witness how the protagonist, Jack Pool, undergoes an unjust accusation of murdering a young girl, but seeing how human beings can so easily be brain-washed by stereotypes and misunderstandings.  Taking place before WW II, The Blood Lie shows that not only Europeans were at the time, anti-Semitic, but unfortunately Americans were as well.  Through Jack, I witnessed how strongly a teenager can resist going through rough situations in which one's true love is forbidden and who's family safety is at stake; only for the reason of being Jewish.  It also gave me a good background on Jewish holidays and their customs.  Which gave me a better understanding of some misinterpretations about the religion.  I really recommend this book to any of those who want to read a short novel filled with mystery, love, and suspense.  You won't be able to take your eyes away from it."  (Gabriela G., 11th grade)

Born Uglyby Beth Goobie (WFA, 2012)

" ...It's a good book because it teaches you to never judge a book by its cover.  You never know who's going to prove to be beautiful."    (Porsha N., 9th grade)


Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts (WFA, 2013)

"The thing I liked best about this book were the characters, especially Mason because he really had it rough and his adventure was interesting.  I also liked how the beginning of the book drew me in; it was like watching a movie.  If anyone asked me about this book I would tell them it was really good."  (Carlos G., 9th grade) 

"I liked how the survivors had to make uncertain, yet essential decisions to accomplish their goals.  It made me want to read more and more to find out the answers.  I will remember Aries finding Daniel because Daniel warned her at the beginning about the dangers and what would happen when he left.  My favorite character is Michael.  He was strong enough to keep going and survive in spite of obstacles.  It made me relate to the feelings that I shouldn’t give up when facing challenges.  If I were trying to talk a friend into reading this book I would tell them that it is something that could happen in real life.  I think it is better than some of the adult books I have read." (Edgar P., 11th grade)

Draw the Dark by Ilsa Bick (WFA, 2011)

"I liked the book because it had a sense of mystery.  The storyline, plot, and characters are something you'll never forget!" (Aileen P., 9th grade)


Fingerprints of You by Kristen-Paige Madonia (WFA, 2013)

"What I liked about this book was that the story seemed realistic and it showed how when something happens in life, you can't do anything but move forward.  I will remember that it taught me that where ever life takes you, home is where your loved ones are.  My favorite character was Emmy because she reminded me of my best friend; she is strong, independent, and she is overall an amazing friend to Lemon.  Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down."     (Yomaira T., 10th grade)

Legacy by Molly Cochran (WFA, Honorable Mention, 2013)

"Liked this book! More like, I loved this book! It isn't what I would usually read but that made it better. It teaches kids how people are different and how those differences should be embraced. The moral of the story, seems to me to be that everyone is special and has a place -not everyone is the same. Eric is my favorite character because he is so cute and sweet. Legacy is a lovely and insightful book. It is clear why it won an award. You will not regret reading it, or you can call me Lilly:-)" (Danielle M., 11th grade)


Origin by Jessica Khoury (WFA, Honorable Mention, 2013)

"I enjoyed the mystery, science, and romance of this story.  It made me think about science vs. culture and religion.  I will remember the romance between Eio and the immortal Pia and the "horror" that is described about genetic engineering.   I loved reading about the changes she went through after meeting Eio.  This book is a "must read."  You will want to keep turning the pages until the mystery is solved."  (Maria S., 10th grade) 

Shut Up by Marilyn Reynolds (WFA, 2010)

"What I like about the book is that Mario, the older brother, was always looking out for his younger brother Eddie.  The book shows a lot of courage from an 18 year old; it has parts with emotions everyone reading can feel."  (Lisa V., 10th grade)


Watching July by Christine Hart (WFA, 2010)

"It's a really good book because it will really make you think how lucky you are to have your mom because you never know when something might happen.  I thought the end was interesting because I didn't expect that to happen."  (Porsha N., 9th grade)



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